Liv A Little Ice Cream uses plant-based ingredients to make frozen food

2021-11-25 07:27:50 By : Ms. Catherine Wang

Olivia Menzia's daily indulgence has always been ice cream. She always creates creamy and dreamy flavor combinations in her mind.

While studying at Marquette University, she started making ice cream and sharing it with others. So many people cannot own dairy products, which inspired her to create Liv A Little Ice Cream in 2019, a plant-based vegetarian business. She features coconut and oat milk and focuses on nostalgic flavors. Two of her best sellers are Warm Hugs, a choice inspired by chai latte, and coffee at 3 o'clock.

Liv A Little Ice Cream can be found in the monthly pop-up store and weekly orders of Milwaukee Farmers United. It can also be found on the menus of Dead Bird Brewing, 1726 N. Fifth St. and Strangetown, 2101 N. Prospect Ave. Catering and custom flavor creations are available. She is working with Bunny's Bite to order vegan pie and vegan ice cream for the holidays. Orders are due on November 20th.

Menzia, who works in a shared commercial kitchen in the city center, will also be sold at the Discovery World Maker Market at 500 Beihaigang Avenue from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on November 27. Entry to the market is free.

In the fourth year of college, I received an ice cream machine as a birthday gift. Since then, I have been making ice cream.

This is my favorite food. I have tasted various flavors in the sun. My dad likes it as much as I do. He worked in an ice cream shop when he was young. My grandpa makes ice cream. When I was a child, I had thought of all the flavors I dreamed of. I can finally make it happen.

I live on the Marquette University campus. For every party or special event, I will make an ice cream.

Slowly I realized that many people are allergic to dairy products, more than I thought. One day, I brought a gallon to dinner with my friend. Only the two of us can have it. I can eat the whole gallon, but should I?

This makes me think outside the box. Let's try different things. I tried coconut milk ice cream. I started making these crazy flavors that I had been planning since I was a kid. I did not initially tell people that it does not contain dairy products. They will find it is dairy-free and gluten-free, they can't believe it. Well, I might as well take the time to make it a vegetarian.

People realize that there are dairy alternatives now, and there are all these different options. I can't believe it is so popular. I definitely think oat milk, coconut milk and almond milk are increasing. Most of my clients are not vegetarians. I am not a vegetarian.

There are many test batches. I think consistency is the biggest mountain I have to climb. If you ask people who have eaten ice cream for the first time to now, they will say that it tastes so different. It took a long time to figure out the milk substitute and the creamy taste. ...I didn't go to cooking school. With my progress and better machines, it gets better.

Cheap machines will not make ice cream like my current Italian Capigiani. When I got that machine, it changed everything. My dad won on Ebay. He offered a low price, and then realized that this was only a local pickup on the East Coast.

Within a few days, we drove to get the ice cream machine. It handles a gallon in 15 minutes.

Coffee at 3 o'clock is my first taste, because I always drink coffee at 3 in the afternoon, and I want to use the coffee I drink every day to enjoy the sweets I crave. ...This is the polar vortex, and we are trapped in it. I posted on Instagram and I received 100 ice cream orders overnight.

There are many things in my mind. Nostalgia is a big problem for many of them. I always think about what I desire? Usually this is something I had when I was young. For example, pop pie is a desire, but I can’t get myself to buy a whole box. I must own the whole box, not just one. When I have those moments, I bet I am not the only one.

Warm hugs are my favorite autumn taste. I am obsessed with chai latte. The warm hug started to the point where I registered a trademark for this name. There is a cult follower. That and 3'O Clock Coffee are two of my best sellers.

I just turned 25 years old. I have a lot to learn. I made this elaborate ice cream, but it is challenging to make in batches. I am going to Penn State University to attend ice cream school in January. They sent us the syllabus, one day it is really chocolate!

I make coffee creamer. Before it entered the machine, it was actually my ice cream. Whenever I run out of creamer or my dad will make this "be kind to yourself" and ice cream freak, in the morning we will take a scoop of ice cream and put it in hot coffee. It will cool it...

I let the warm hug become the (creamy) taste. I will bring out mints this season.

Whenever a restaurant signs a wholesale contract, we can create a customized flavor, which is a special flavor specific to their location that I only sell there. For example, in Dead Bird Brewing, we made a salted caramel ice cream with dark beer.

I really like bubble gum ice cream. It originated from the T-ball and bubble gum that we used to chew in air-raid shelters. I need to make a bright pink and vibrant nostalgic ice cream with a bubble gum flavor.

Rather than the actual gum in it, I like/hate it, this is my opinion. I really like bubble gum and marshmallows. Doing things with color is so exciting. The blue and pink in my marshmallow plus the vegan powder are so beautiful, it is the art on the cone. This has always been my goal.

I sell 12 disposable containers for $6. I have ice cream pie, and the price is between 25 and 30 dollars depending on the taste. I also do events and meals.

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